SAN ANTONIO – StemBioSys Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with VWR (NASDAQ: VWR) to distribute and market StemBioSys products. VWR, the leading global independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production facilities, will be the exclusive distributor for StemBioSys in both the United States and Canada.

“I cannot overstate the importance of this agreement to StemBioSys and its development,” shared StemBioSys President and CEO Bob Hutchens. “VWR is a leading distributor of life science research products and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with them. The United States and Canada are key areas of focus for StemBioSys and our ability, as a small company, to capture opportunities in these locations was previously limited. We could never build this kind of presence on our own. By working with VWR, we believe we will be able to successfully grow our company.”

“StemBioSys’ unique technology allows users to isolate and grow greater amounts of usable stem cells, compared to other culture-treated plastic offerings, providing customers with cells of a higher quality and motility,” said Mark McLoughlin, SVP and President, Americas Lab & Distribution Services at VWR. “This product will expand VWR’s cellular science offering to customers in the life science industry.”

About StemBioSys Inc.

StemBioSys, Inc., a privately held, San Antonio-based biomedical company, manufactures and develops innovative, advanced stem cell technologies to meet the promise of regenerative medicine in a surging global market. Its patented and proprietary technology platforms – licensed from the University of Texas System – overcome key obstacles to creating clinically useful stem cell therapies.