CELLvo™ Cells Technology

CELLvo™ cells are the only cells isolated and expanded using StemBioSys’ CELLvo™ Matrix technology. By isolating cells on a cell-derived extracellular matrix, we are able to preserve more natural phenotypes. All of our cells are early-passage and xeno-free whenever possible. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible cells for their research. With that goal in mind, we continue to innovate and bring new cell products to the market.


Image from paper on the rescue of aging stem cells showing the pro-inflammatory cytokine profile of elderly MSCs. It is important to get cells from healthy donors to get normal function.


You get out what you put in. Many of our competitors are willing to compromise the quality of their cells by using inputs from elderly, obese, or otherwise sick donors due to the difficulty of finding healthy tissue sources. At StemBioSys®, we source all of our cells from young, healthy tissue to ensure our customers have top quality cells.


Our CELLvo™ Matrix technology enables us to efficiently isolate rare populations of cells that are difficult to isolate with other culture tools. Our first cell product, endothelial progenitor cells, are rare, highly angiogenic cells found in umbilical cord blood. Only through use of our CELLvo™ Matrix have we been able to isolate and expand these cells.

CELLvo™ Cord Blood Endothelial Progenitor Cells (hCB-EPC) (100x). These are rare cells that are highly proliferative and highly angiogenic when isolated and grown on CELLvo™ Matrix.

Image courtesy of Robert Mecham. Freeze fracture image of cell surrounded by extracellular matrix in native tissue. In vivo, cells are constantly receiving signals from the surrounding matrix.


Cells respond to their environment with changes in their gene expression. In many cases, these changes may be difficult to reverse. We isolate and expand our cell products on CELLvo™ Matrix technology in order to maintain a more natural phenotype, relative to cells isolated on simple substrates.


Col2/Col1 ratio of commercially available chondrocytes. Only CELLvo™ Primary Chondrocytes from StemBioSys® have a high Col2/Col1 ratio, like that observed in cartilage. (Data available at StemBioSys).

We only sell freshly isolated cells or early-passage cells that have been isolated and expanded on CELLvo™ Matrix to maintain a more natural phenotype. Our competitors may be selling cells that no longer resemble the native population you want to study. For instance, only CELLvo™ Primary Chondrocytes exhibit the high Col2/Col1 ratio that is found in native cartilage. Our competitors sell “chondrocytes” that no longer look like anything you can find in the body.

High resolution bright-field image of cells on CELLvo™ Matrix. Cells and matrix are both visible in bright-field.


As part of our commitment to providing the most biologically-relevant tools to our customers we are going xeno-free, whenever possible, in all of our research, development, and manufacturing. All of our mesenchymal stem cell products are isolated and cryopreserved in 100% xeno-free conditions so that we can provide our customers with cells that have never come in contact with non-human proteins. We recommend the use of CELLvo™ XF Matrix for the continued xeno-free culture of our cells.