SAN ANTONIO – StemBioSys Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Cellaviva AB to distribute and market StemBioSys products. Cellaviva will be the exclusive distributor for StemBioSys in Sweden and Denmark. The agreement also grants nonexclusive rights to Cellaviva for the remainder of Europe.

Initially, the agreement will cover StemBioSys’ cell expansion product BM-HPME®, but as additional products are added to StemBioSys’ portfolio in the future, these products likely will also be included in the distribution agreement, according to StemBioSys President & CEO Bob Hutchens.

“Europe is one of the leading areas in stem cell research and we are delighted to have the opportunity to gain direct access to this market though our partnership with Cellaviva,” Hutchens said. “In Sweden and Denmark, Cellaviva has a unique leading position in stem cell research, and we are very pleased to announce them as our exclusive distributor in these markets.“ he said.

Mathias Svahn, CEO of Cellaviva, said, “Cellaviva and I are thrilled about our partnership with StemBioSys, which is totally aligned with our company profile. Cellaviva is a part of Karolinska Institutet Science Park with an academic profile and we are proud of our network with early biotech and life science companies exploiting the potential of stem cells in

Hutchens noted that the Cellaviva agreement is the third of its kind for StemBioSys. Within the last 90 days, StemBioSys announced agreements with Funakoshi Co. LTD of Japan
and SeouLin Bioscience of The Republic of Korea (South Korea).

About Cellaviva AB

Cellaviva AB was founded by researchers at Karolinska Institutet with the vision to produce the next generation of cell therapies. The company is focusing on mesenchymal stem
cell products for treatment of autoimmune diseases and to prevent transplant rejection. Contact for Cellaviva AB, customer service , phone number +46-8-735-2010.