SAN ANTONIO – StemBioSys Inc. announced today a new branding identity for its cell research products and two new products that are the first to be marketed under the new brand

StemBioSys’s products for the research market will be marketed under the brand name CELLvo™. StemBioSys has developed a marketing message that its product represent “the next evolution in stem cell research”. StemBioSys CEO Bob Hutchens noted that “the CELLvo™ brand name reinforces the concept of the evolution of stem cell research with our products. We are excited about this new branding and believe that will allow us to go to market with an identity that is clear.” Hutchens also stated “The brand name is appropriate for any number of products in the cell research arena – which is important given our product development plans.”

The company also announced today, two new products that are now available to customers. First, the company has developed an all human version of its extracellular matrix (formerly marketed as BM-HPME®). Hutchens explained “our original cell expansion technology required the use of some animal by-products in its production. We are pleased to have an all human product that has the potential to make the path to a product for patients much easier.” This product will be marketed under the company’s new branding identity as the CELLvo™ Xeno-Free (all human material) Matrix. The original BM-HPME® product is being rebranded as CELLvo™ Matrix.

StemBioSys also announced its first cell product today. The product is an endothelial cell isolated from human umbilical cord blood. This is a highly specialized cell that has been shown to have a number of characteristics that make it superior to endothelial or blood vessel forming cells derived from more traditional sources. Importantly, the company’s CELLvo™ Matrix technology is the key enabler to isolating and producing these cells in commercial quantities. These cells will be marketed as CELLvo™ Human Cord Blood Derived Endothelial Progenitor cells (or CELLvo™ hCB-EPCs).

The company also noted that it has several other cell lines in development. These new products will be announced through 2018.
StemBioSys CEO Bob Hutchens said, “We are very pleased about our new branding approach and the launch of our first products under the CELLvo™ brand name. We look forward to several additional product announcements under the CELLvo™ name in the months ahead.”

About StemBioSys Inc.
StemBioSys, Inc., a privately held, San Antonio-based biomedical company, manufactures and develops innovative, advanced stem cell technologies to meet the promise of regenerative medicine in a surging global market. Its patented and proprietary technology platforms – licensed from the University of Texas System – overcome key obstacles to creating clinically useful stem cell therapies. StemBioSys markets its products to the global research community under the CELLvo™ brand name.